Meet better candidates

Everyone attending our event is pre-vetted to ensure they match the profile of people you are looking to hire. Whether you are searching for senior-level engineers or junior QAs, we actively target the candidates that you're after to make sure our attendees reflect that. This means you will have the opportunity to talk to hundreds of potential hires in just one day.

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The talent has been fantastic!
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Great atmosphere, top talent and brilliantly executed.
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It's an event that you can't miss!
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Candidates love us

We provide a unique way for candidates to meet a diverse range of innovative companies in one space. They are able to have face-to-face conversations with you and your team, whilst getting a wider snapshot of the industry. All interspersed with product demonstrations, drinks in the free bar or chilling out in the coffee shop.

Tried and tested

We've run 10 successful events, helping over 600 companies hire great people. We're now bringing our unique brand of job fair to New York. Make sure you take advantage and be part of this amazing day.

Past attendees of our events include

From our last London event…

Who comes to our events?

We cater for most technical roles and vet every application to ensure that everyone at the event is suitable for the jobs on offer. Including:

  • CTO & Management
  • Front-End, Back-End & Full Stack Development
  • Mobile Development
  • Game Development
  • Data Science, AI & Machine Learning
  • DevOps & SysAdmin
  • QA / Testing

What levels of seniority will be there?

As with the job roles, we ensure the split is relative to the jobs on offer. If there are more companies looking to fill senior positions we ensure we allocate more tickets to senior candidates. This is the distribution from our last London event:

  • 33% Senior
  • 32% Mid-level
  • 20% Junior
  • 15% Graduates/Interns