London’s best loved tech job event comes stateside

Welcome to the round.

The job event for developers and data scientists.

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Companies who have attended include


London’s best loved tech job event comes stateside. Meet the hottest tech teams looking to hire in New York and Austin this Fall.

Also known as Silicon Milkroundabout in London.

At our buzzing events you’ll meet hundreds of Founders, CTOs and Team Leads and get a real sense of what working with them will be like. This means you’re sure to make lots of valuable contacts to help take your career forward.


Our mission…

Epic teams aren’t built on algorithms!

Finding a great job, or choosing a great team member is an emotional process. There’s only so far you can go with an algorithm. We believe that, for experienced Software Engineers and Data Scientists, making new professional connections should be magical, revelatory and fun—rather than a chore or a spam problem. The only way to know if you really want to work with someone is to hang out with them, in the real world. 

So we’ve designed an event where the teams behind super cool companies can meet face-to-face and chat with expert developers and data scientists.

No pressure, just make connections with like minded people!

What to expect

With a free bar, hundreds of the best and brightest in tech, and a buzzing vibe, the round is the ultimate meet-up! Best of all, we keep it completely free of third-party recruiters. What’s not to like?


Don’t just take our word for it!


“The experience breaks outside the usual rigid hiring process and gives more opportunity to be personal.”

“They take such good care of people! The environment is really fun, it’s why we come.”


“This is a great targeted event”


Looking to hire?